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Monday, May 20, 2013

Pork in the Park

After layering up because it was surprisingly chilly, we headed 15 minutes down the road to Pork in the Park.  This fair was essentially a carnival, with rides and game booths, along with delicious pork related food, refreshments, and musical entertainment.

We skipped the carnival side and headed straight for the food and drinks.  Before standing in line for food we walked around and picked out the best smelling vendor.  As usual, kettle corn sucked me in and was our first stop.  Yessss!  So.  Good.

Armed with kettle corn and a bottle of wine to keep us company, we waited in line for porky goodness.

The pork sandwich with cole slaw was delicious and of course I don't remember the vendor.  Trust me, it was moist and smokey with creamy/slightly tangy cole on top to cut through the richness.   Right as we ordered our sandwiches we ordered the delightful candied bacon.  You heard me, candied. bacon.  Amazing.  It was sweet and salty with crisp and chewy parts.  I will make this at home, somehow.

Then with another bottle in toe we headed to the concert area to listen to the Marshall Tucker Band.  I have to say, they were rockin' out for their age.  I swear if I were in a band, I would be the tambourine chick.  They have it the best - swing, sing, and jingle it. 

All in all it was a really fun time.  I mean, you can't go wrong with bacon + libations + music.

Love & Hugs.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Old McDonald's Farm

So the other weekend I went and visited my brother, affectionately called Bubba, in MD.  I'm not a big fan of MD but I decided to journey there in the name of brotherly love.

You see, my brother has been living in MD since he graduated in 2011.  Good grief I can't believe it's been that long.  Anyways, he's a farmer (is that even the right term nowadays?) on an organic, sustainable farm.  I was long overdue to visit and see his side of the world.

Bubba's Graduation 2011

I drove up Friday afternoon and was able to stay with Bubba's girlfriend, Marie.  I was greeted with wine and a chick flick, exactly what I wanted.  (P.S. watching P.S. I Love You while PMS-ing is a terrrrrible idea.)

Saturday morning we all threw on work clothes and headed to Marie's farm.  She's a farmer too and her and Bubba used to work on the same farm, Jay's farm.  It was cool to see a glimpse of their daily lives.  Where they spend their days and what they do.  I sit behind a computer all day so farming is way out of the norm for me.

Jay's Farm

For several hours we helped her with some of her work.  Bubba did some watering and I helped with transplanting baby plants.  What Marie and I were doing was pretty relaxing, therapeutic even.  It helped that the farm dogs LOVED me.  :)  I loved them back because it was the right thing to do.

This one sat on my lap for a GOOD part of the morning.  I wanted to steal snuggly Izzy. 

This is Willow.  look at those precious eyes.  


A few hours later we headed back to Bubba's farm, Ted's Farm, to catch a tour.  It is just amazing what famers do.  They are planners and thinkers, and everything they do has a purpose.

L to R: The yurt, where bubba lives, the farm house, the green houses

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Piggies everywhere

These two little ones really wanted to touch a pig
Bubba and Marie deep in conversation with the egg lady
We eventually made it back to the farm for lunch and layering up before heading out to Pork in the Park!