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Friday, June 10, 2011


After doing some research I took the plunge and bought a couple things from my wish list. And I used Ebates for all my orders. Give me back my money honey!

I ordered the Kenneth Cole striped tank today. FUN! The details set it apart. I think it will be a fun play shirt and could be used for work tucked into a pencil skirt with a blazer.

I ordered the red VS pants. I found a coupon code which took the price down to less than $20 - so I had to get them at that price. I've never ordered VS clothing so we'll see how this plays out.

And I got the Nautica chambray shirt. I found a coupon code which took the price down to $27 and got me free shipping - another deal I couldn't pass up.

The chambray shirt and red pants should arrive on Monday. My fingers are crossed they fit!

This week flew by, which is great because I am so happy the weekend is here. No major plans. Except tonight I'm going to see Third Eye Blind play! I've been a fan since high school. I hope they're good.

Sunday MamaH is hosting a bbq for the cousins in the area and I'm making my Aunt Terry's chocolate chip cookies. Mmm they are delicious. I'll have to post the recipe.

Other than that Hubby and I will probably go to the Farmers Market and just hang out.

What are your weekend plans?


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Wish list

I'm pinching my pennies so Hubby and I can save for a down payment on a house. This means I really have to think and 100% love any clothing purchase. This is my latest lust list:

Stripped shirt - I've been looking for a good stripped shirt (preferably navy & white) for a while.

Jcrew tank, on sale $30

Ella Moss tank, Nordstrom, $85 (pricey for a tank in my opinion)

Gap tank, $15 (top contender)
Looks like I'm diggin' the short sleeve stripes...

Chambray shirt - enough said.

Jcrew I heart chambray, $70 (love the heart pocket!)

Nautica chambray, on sale $35 (seriously considering getting this one)

Colored pants - This is a trend I feel like I could pull off pretty easily. Especially considering in college I owned pink and green pants. =) It's time for adulthood colored pants.

Zara has a bunch of colored pants ($40-60)! I must go soon.

Tory Burch Reva flats - classic, high quality that I expect to last for years. Yes they are pricey. But I can save up for these puppies!

Do you have any suggestions for where I can find my wish list items?
What's on your wish list for this summer?

Monday, June 6, 2011


Hubby and I are completely loving the weekend famers market. I love our Saturday mornings wandering the market looking at fresh produce and coming up w/ a game plan for this week's meals.

It's definitely strawberry season so we picked up a pint and also got some blueberries. We decided to have a berry crisp for dessert that night.

I went w/ an Ina recipe because they are always good. Both the filling and topping were really easy to make. Essentially throw the fruit together w/ some sugar and lemon and pour the sweet deliciousness into a dish. For the topping it's pretty much the same. Throw the ingredients into a mixer and then sprinkle it on top of the fruit mixture.

I had some extra topping so I spread it on a baking sheet lined w/ wax paper (because I'm all about making cleaning easy) and baked it for 10-13 min. It would be great in yogurt or on top of ice cream.

The crisp bakes for about 50 min or so...which gave us plenty of time to run out for ice cream. The crisp turned out wonderfully. You could easily change the filling to whatever fruit you want (I did). This is my new go-to recipe for crisps.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Strong Females

I'm settling into the new job and things are going well. Everyday at work confirms I made the right choice.

The demographic of workers is different from the old job. This place has a more equal mix of men and women, a combo of races and ages. But what I really notice is the number of strong women. There are quite a few high-up-there lady leaders. And I'm so excited that my company has a host of female team leaders, and my manager is one of them.

It's inspiring to see so many females succeeding and growing and leading. My manager is leading a number of projects, just attended a conference and was recognized by the director, guiding new analysts like myself, all the while being a nice, friendly person. She's in control and does her job very well. And all the other women are just like her.

Its so wonderful to have so many professional women to look up to. They set the bar high for everyone.