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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Wish list

I'm pinching my pennies so Hubby and I can save for a down payment on a house. This means I really have to think and 100% love any clothing purchase. This is my latest lust list:

Stripped shirt - I've been looking for a good stripped shirt (preferably navy & white) for a while.

Jcrew tank, on sale $30

Ella Moss tank, Nordstrom, $85 (pricey for a tank in my opinion)

Gap tank, $15 (top contender)
Looks like I'm diggin' the short sleeve stripes...

Chambray shirt - enough said.

Jcrew I heart chambray, $70 (love the heart pocket!)

Nautica chambray, on sale $35 (seriously considering getting this one)

Colored pants - This is a trend I feel like I could pull off pretty easily. Especially considering in college I owned pink and green pants. =) It's time for adulthood colored pants.

Zara has a bunch of colored pants ($40-60)! I must go soon.

Tory Burch Reva flats - classic, high quality that I expect to last for years. Yes they are pricey. But I can save up for these puppies!

Do you have any suggestions for where I can find my wish list items?
What's on your wish list for this summer?

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  1. Love your wish list! I'm so obsessed with stripes, it's not even funny. The Gap tank is great, my bestie just bought it. I would have too, but the fit wasn't great on me. My chambray shirts get tons of wear and I'd love to have some red or royal blue skinny pants! OXO N.