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Sunday, December 15, 2013


This week's long run was 6 miles.  Admittedly I was nervous about it.  That's a lot of miles.  I have never run 6 miles in my life.  Five miles yes, but 6...get out of town buddy.

Leading up to the long run, I made sure the day before and day of I was adequately hydrated.  I know from past experience that if I am not hydrated, my runs suffer.

Friday afternoon, knowing that I had at least an hour of running ahead of me, I ended work early.  Strapped on my shoes and got comfy for my longest run ever.

Now that I am running in the cold, something I am getting used to, I knew the first two miles may be tough.  I was right.  As usual it took me about two miles to get warmed up which means for those two miles I was tight, uncomfortable and not yet settled, and my shins hurt.  BUT!  Around 2.5 miles I found my rhythm and the shin pain subsided.  I felt good.  I ran faster.  When RunKeeper (the app I use to track my running) said I reached 6 miles, I fist bumped the air and found a surge of energy within me.  This wasn't so bad, really.  So I kept running for another half mile.

I ran 6.5 miles on Friday.  

Go Me!  I was/am so proud of myself.  It's good to set a goal for myself and attain it - no matter how much or how long it took.  On Friday, I exceeded my goal.

This running/training thing is doing me good.  I like this.

Friday, December 6, 2013


So a couple weeks ago my North Carolina BFF asked if I would be interested in running a half marathon with her.  I was hesitant but running a half marathon is on my life list.  After sleeping on it I agreed!  I figure now is as good a time as any.  I asked my friend in town, K also a runner, if she would be interested in doing it - she agreed!

Three of us are running a half marathon mid-March 2014.  Boom!

This is my second week of training.  K found a 16 week running plan online and it looked pretty good to me.  Running 4 times a week with one long run and slowly increasing the mileage.

Last week's long run was 4 miles and it was painful.  The day after Thanksgiving was not a great day to run...especially considering I had been driving for a couple hours so I was stiff and was fairly stuffed from the day before.  It was a slow and painful 4 miles but I did it.

This week's long run was 5 miles and it was great!  I needed a good run.  A run that was smooth with no shin pain.  I was able to do 5.32 miles in 54 min 47 seconds.  WAY better than the last 5 miles I ran which took an hour.

I feel encouraged.  I feel proud of myself.  I feel hungry!  :)