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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Strong Females

I'm settling into the new job and things are going well. Everyday at work confirms I made the right choice.

The demographic of workers is different from the old job. This place has a more equal mix of men and women, a combo of races and ages. But what I really notice is the number of strong women. There are quite a few high-up-there lady leaders. And I'm so excited that my company has a host of female team leaders, and my manager is one of them.

It's inspiring to see so many females succeeding and growing and leading. My manager is leading a number of projects, just attended a conference and was recognized by the director, guiding new analysts like myself, all the while being a nice, friendly person. She's in control and does her job very well. And all the other women are just like her.

Its so wonderful to have so many professional women to look up to. They set the bar high for everyone.

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