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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fall Wish List

I am reassessing my Fall/Winter wardrobe.  My style has changed since last year and I'm over my American Eagle sweaters.  I'm taking the one-in and one-out approach to purchases.  If I want something new, I have to give away something old.  Unfortunately space is not on my side right now.

This is my Fall/Winter wish list.  I'm looking for...

Black, probably straight leg pants that can be hemmed for flats.  I want to wear them to work and to date night w/ Hubby.  These pants are from Banana, $90, and I like that the leg is straight which I think might work best for a shorter hem.

Some corduroy pants might be nice too.  The ones below are from Jcrew, the skinny vintage matchstick cords, $80.

Update my sweaters.  I am not even sure where to start with this one...suggestions?  

I want to embrace the pleated skirt trend right now.  I feel like a pleated skirt paired with a simple top and blazer would be good for work, but could also be spun around for a sweet date night outfit too.  This beautiful blush one is from Ruche, $43.

Refresh my hosiery.  Last year I wanted polka dot tights, but I think I may have to go with these.  The "dots" are actually little hearts!  I love it!  They're from Asos and only $13.  I think so.  

I am always on the hunt for outfit-making-tops.  Always.

What's on your Fall wish list?  

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  1. I totally feel you on the sweaters. I have been trying to update mine every since graduating from college. I think the best way is to slowly get some thing cashmere silk blends to switch out from the bulky crew new wool styles. Still keeps you warm but a little more chic. Tights are a great way to spruce up an outfit! Love me some patterned black tights.