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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Public performance

Back in July, Husband and I went to Charlottesville to escape northern VA and to watch one of our guy friends pole dance in public.  When we heard he was going to pole dance in public (!) we could not miss it.  We made sure to bring the camera.

This is our friend Drama Drew, the one with his own personal training business, our big, sometimes goofy friend.  You do not look at him and think "yeah that guy probably pole dances."  I have to say he impressed me!  He worked that pole.

Up side down

Swinging around 

Legs up

Not too shabby for such a big guy, right?  Rest assured, he did not wake up one morning and just decide to pole dance.  His girlfriend (the girl in the pink shirt) is an "exotic dance instructor."  And I feel like I should mention she does teach other kinds of dance too...but she is good with the pole.  

When the performances were over, we met a nearby bar for dinner and drinks.  While we were eating and drinking, Drew mentioned going to the beach in August.  My ears perked up.  Then I heard, "yeah my pops invited you & Peaches to come with us."  Say what?!  Apparently Drew's dad invited Husband and I to Drew's annual family vacation at the beach.  What a sweet gesture!  To be invited on someone else's family vacation was just so touching.  

We were heading to the beach in early August.  And I was so. excited.        

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  1. very impressive! and what a sweet family to invite you guys:) then again, i'm sure you would be so fun to tag along with!

    p.s. i've missed your posts, peaches! so happy to catch back up:)