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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

It's cute

This past weekend I got to spend my first weekend in the new house.  It is cute, quirky, but cute.  I did take pictures, but the memory card is in Charlottesville.

Husband's honey-do list has already started:
-Adjust the water heater so we can have warm water that isn't hot as hell or ice cold like it's from Alaska.
-Fix a toilet a stopper (is that the right word?).
-Put in a new kitchen faucet that allows us wash dishes in the entire sink rather than just the side closest to the faucet.
-Draino the water pipes

Other than those minor things, we are SO very excited.  We have space, which is exactly what we want after living in one room for 9+ months.  I think I am/we are really going to like having three floors.   It will be good to work on one level and then play on the others.

So, while we were in town we looked at furniture, couches and love seats mainly.  Tip to my lady friends: if you want to go furniture shopping, set the expectations of your beloved and be prepared to compromise.  Saturday afternoon we looked at couches but both of us were not in the right state of mind.  On Sunday we had a much better idea of what we were doing, what we were looking for, and we were successful!

After sitting on almost every couch in two stores, we found a cute, more tailored love seat for the upstairs living room and a comfy, lounge/nap ready leather recliner for the downstairs living room.  They both should be delivered this Saturday sometime while we're unpacking.

Oh yeah, our big moving push is this weekend.  So this week we are packing, we've ordered the U-Haul, we're taking off work, it's all coming together.  My fingers are crossed loading and unloading goes well and no one gets hurt or throws out their back (b/c that would suck).

And I am happy to report my co-workers are happy for me/us, which eases any sort of worries or concerns I had.

I'm getting ready to close one chapter of my life and open up a brand new one.  It feels surreal but it's exciting and I am so looking forward to it.  A change of pace, a change in scenery, different people, a different life style.  Of course it'll be challenging, but who doesn't love a good challenge and a chance to prove how awesome you really are?

I hope all is well with you.

Love & Hugs.

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