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Saturday, March 31, 2012


The last month has been a whirlwind.  A couple weeks ago we made the big move to sweet Charlottesville.  It a very busy weekend.  Luckily we had great weather and our new town greeted us with vibrant blooming trees, pinks, purples and yellow against a perfect blue sky.

We weren't without our moving me forgetting the Playstation and very important cords/wires in Nova.  Ladies:  if moving, make sure your sig. other explicitly specifies which boxes he/she really wants to bring.

I didn't even get to help unpack because that Monday I traveled up to Baltimore to support a week-long work meeting.  So this was the first week I got to live in our new house, and I love it.

I love that we have a full house to live in.  I can't believe we were living in apartments/one room for so long.  Being able to stretch out and spread out is priceless.

We are blessed to have found this home.

We are in the heart of the city and SO close to everything.  During one weekend, Husband I did all kinds of running around (Lowes about 4 times, Big lots, grocery store, Target, the mall, etc, etc, etc) and it was all done during one afternoon!  What?!  In Nova that would have been a three day ordeal.  Not here, when you live 5-10 min away from everything, it's amazing how much time you save.

So we are settling in and unpacking slow but steadily.  Working my way through the boxes, a couple at a time.  My game plan is to unpack and *try* and let the house/us settle before decorating.  This is tough for me because I just want to nest and make the house comfortable as soon as possible.

So that's what I've been doing the last couple weeks, we are absolutely loving this town and our home.  A fresh start was exactly what we needed.

Love & Hugs.

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