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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Winter Bucket List

There have been so many Winters where I feel like I didn't do all the fun, wintery things I planned. Hopefully having a list (and one on my phone) will help me remember to do all of the fun holiday, wintery things...and even as I look at this list I have things I want to add

-Make a Christmas ornament
-Listen to Christmas music

Do you have any favorite holiday things you like to do?  

What about favorite holiday movies?  
I am always taking suggestions for holiday movies.  I feel like there are so many I haven't seen.  

And everyone has favorite holiday foods.    
Just this Fall, I have made super soft pumpkin chocolate chip cookies a couple times and they have been such a hit.  

And here's the link to a fairly healthy pumpkin pie dip.  It's delish with apples.  

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