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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Carter Mountain

Probably a month or so ago Husband and I headed to Carter Mountain with the neighbors to pick up some apples.  Since moving to Charlottesville, I have had a lot of people suggest that we visit one of the many orchards near town.  

So one beautiful afternoon we all piled into the Jeep and headed to Carter Mountain Orchard.  I was surprised how close it was.  I think it only took us 20 min or so to get there.  I'm so thankfully that Husband drove because there was a crazy steep, windy, gravel road we had to tackle.  

This post is mainly photos.  :)  

But when we got to the top the views were incredible.  

I really am a mountain girl.  

We didn't get to literally pick apples off the tree but there were barrels of apples available for the picking.  

There was a shop inside the barn that sold all kinds of cute things, like baskets and jams.  

They had "Fruit n Toot VA Traffic Jam."  I thought that was cute especially as a girl who grew up in NoVA traffic

It was a fun afternoon.  We ended up taking home a dozen apples and some apple cider.  It was hard resisting the apple donuts.  

I would love to go back again.  

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