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Monday, December 3, 2012


Even though Husband and I were unable to travel on Thanksgiving, I decided to go up and visit my family on Friday solo.  He was still recovering and I really wanted to see my family so I headed up for the day. 

My brother was home from MD and brought with him a 17lb turkey and a bunch of veggies.  When I got there the turkey was already in the oven cookin' away.  There's nothing like walking into your childhood home and smelling yummy turkey. 

It is always good to catch up with family.  We all head our different ways, throwing ourselves into what we're doing and it's the holidays that remind us to take a break.  Remind us to relax and forget about work. 

This year Bubba (brother) and I prepared the side dishes for the fam.  Mom was doing an art thing that afternoon and LSU was on so Dad was indisposed.  :)  So it was up to us to make the sides.  Nothing fancy for us, just good ingredients and simple preparation.  It was delicious. 

I really enjoyed cooking alongside my bro.  He's turned into such a good man.  I'm so proud of him.  I have to say, our parents did a tremendous job with us.  Of course we have our flaws but for the most part we're normal people.  YAY!  When I was little, all I wanted was to be normal, to fit in with everyone.  And now that I'm grown up I do still feel normal but I know I'm also one of a kind (for better or worse).  Just ask my Husband. 

It was good, quality family time together.  As I get older it's the nights with family that I just cherish and adore.

And now, photo time.  All iPhone pics...I forgot the good camera.

Me and Bubba!  You'd never know I'm the older one.  

One of Mom's newest pieces.  I like it!

Purple cauliflower from Bubba's farm!  It's so pretty! 

 Yummy organic broccoli

Cooked goodness

Collard greens, because we're Southern.  I can only claim 1/2 Southern Belle. 

Not too shabby for Bubba's first time, right? 

I couldn't resist a little PicStitch

Oh and I have to mention that we had a third turkey day on Sunday with the neighbors.  This time Husband did the cooking and it was incredible.  I believe a couple of the guys said it was the best Thanksgiving meal they have ever had.  That's a big compliment.  

More pics! 

It was SO good

Husband makes the best stuffing.  This one had apricots and walnuts.  Mmm. 

And that's sweet potato casserole in the back.  SO good!

Green bean casserole, the classic. 

Pumpkin pie.  Not my finest work, but still yummy.  

I hope everyone had a very happy Thanksgiving.  I don't know about you all but I am SO ready for this holiday season and Thanksgiving was a perfect kick off. 

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