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Thursday, June 13, 2013

10 years

My 10 year high school reunion is next weekend.

I cannot believe it's been 10 years since high school.  Everyone says this, but I mean it...where did the time go?!

Hard to believe that in the last 10 years...
...I went to and graduated from college;
...I rediscovered and married my first love;
...My friends got engaged and married!
...My friends started having children and buying homes!?
...I started working like a real adult;
...I moved away from my childhood home; and so much more...

So many things have happened even though that list seems pretty small on paper.

I was on the fence about going to the reunion.  The ticket price was a little steep in my opinion, it meant  driving home for 2-3 hours one way, I don't feel like I have accomplished enough for 10 years out of high school, and I am out of shape.  In general, I just wasn't sure if it was worth it.

In high school I was pretty quiet, academically focused, reserved, and absorbed in band (nerd alert).  I didn't want to bring too much attention to myself and just wanted to be friendly and get along with everyone.  High school was fun, I enjoyed it, I made friends, I think I got a good education, but high school is kind of awkward.  I was uncertain if I wanted to revisit those years.

What really tipped the scales for me was not wanting to regret not going.  So tickets were purchased!

I have low expectations for this reunion only because I don't want to be disappointed.  This is what I want out of this event:

-Dinner & drinks with my honey
-Catching up with old friends
-Perhaps make some new friends

That's it.  That seems reasonable to me.

Did anyone else go to their 10 year reunion?  I would love to hear how it was and if you have any tips or suggestions.  I'm all ears.

Love & Hugs.


  1. Awwww! I am so excited to see you! I loved catching up with you over Brunch in May :) It's been pretty funny to see how we have all changed since High School. I am not hugely accomplished either... I mean I haven't been on TV, or gone around the world to do charity work, or completed my Master's... PhD or anything of the sort but I am excited to drink and dance and chat! :) So glad you decided to come :D

    1. I'm glad that I went and was able to see you and your husband. It was fun to see everyone and see how much everyone has grown up. :) I would love to grab drinks with you and some other HS people the next time I'm in town. I will definitely hit you up. :)