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Friday, August 10, 2012

Shopping, for real

I put together a list of items I was crushing on after reading J's Everyday Fashion: How to Set a Clothing Budget. I found her post immensely helpful.  Everything she mentions makes perfect sense and at one point or another I probably thought about all of those things.  But it was something about reading them all in one place, at one time that really helped it sink in for me.  She has an awesome blog and it's quickly become one of my favorites. I highly recommend checking it out. 

After making that list and having an idea of what I wanted to spend, it really helped my focus when walking around the shops.  Here's what I came home with.

From left to right...
Gap red, white & black striped cotton dress ~$30
MINT pants!  $70
Ann Taylor orange pencil skirt $30
Ann Taylor magenta skirt $30
Ann Taylor lace pencil skirt $40
Ann Taylor teal pants $30

The Gap dress was on sale (woot!) but sadly the mint pants were not.  But they were the one item I was willing to pay full price for.  Ann Taylor was having a GREAT sale and I find that Ann's clothes fit me well and I love the quality.  She's just a bit expensive so finding all of these on sale was a definite victory.

I've already worn everything but the orange skirt so I'll post those outfits soon.

I also was able to find a pair of tan, cute, but comfy flats.

 They were a bit expensive but I plan on wearing them very often this fall and winter.  Honestly I don't mind paying a bit more for shoes because I feel like the quality is worth it.  If I had bought a pair of cheap flats they would probably only last a season or two before falling apart and they would more than likely hurt my feet.  I would rather pay a bit more and get better quality that will last me much longer. 

Happy Friday!

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