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Monday, November 15, 2010

Footwear Revisited

I wanted to come back and share details about the two shoe purchases I've made recently.

I'll start with the boots.

I have worn these Frye boots at every opportunity. Last weekend, Husband and I went to the Torpedo Factory and walked around Old Town Alexandria for the afternoon. I jumped on the chance to sport my boots with some leggings and my LC flowery henley set. I belted the top with a skinny, brown leather belt and it was much cuter than without a belt. (Thank you for the suggestions lovelies.) Anyways, the boots did not disappoint. They were comfortable and easy to walk in, even on unstable brick walk ways. I really feel like I am going to have these boots for years and years to come. I feel like a concrete jungle queen wearing these well-made, good quality boots. They make me smile when I see them.

And this past weekend, Husband and I went to the Metro Cooking & Entertaining convention in DC. Whenever DC is mentioned my first thoughts go to footwear. I've learned from my inappropriately cute shoe mistakes...walking in heels across the bridge into Adams Morgan is not fun when every step is a step towards a blister or two. Ick. So I got smart and decided to wear my boots! It was a good choice. I paired the boots with black leggings and pink & white stripped button up shirt. I was comfortable, mobile and ready for the convention. We had been at the convention for no longer than 15 minutes when I was approached by a girl who loved my boots. Her girlfriend came over and we had a little boot-pow-wow in the beer, spirits, & wine section of the convention (she said I wore them well! woot woot thanks lady!). This just makes me happy that I took the plunge and got these boots.

Minnetonkas! I picked up my shoes on Friday and I was a little worried about the sizing since they were ordered online. But the 7.5 fit beautifully with some room to breathe without being too big and falling off my heels. I ended up ordering the Kilty's in tan and they are perfect for those quick trips out to the gas station or grocery store. These are comfortable moccasins but there isn't a whole lot of cushioning. But it's nothing a little shoe insert couldn't fix. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the sole is more substantial than what I was expecting, and as a result I felt very steady when I was walking. The moccasins are made of soft suede so there's no uncomfortable rubbing or chaffing.

OH and while at the Metro Cooking & Entertaining event I saw the
peace sign moccasins and they are very cute in person. I also saw the beaded thunderbird ones and they were cuter in person than online, but they're still not a favorite (for now).

Hopefully this helps if anyone is contemplating getting these shoes. Has anyone else bought shoes lately?


  1. Glad you love the mocs too! They are perfect for a little running around, but I walked 4 miles in them no sweat!

  2. MOCCASINS!! YEAH!! I wear mine ALL THE TIME! I have the exact same pair as nienie ( When we were in New Mexico last year, my husband and I found the little store she bought hers in. They are just basic leather, but oh my word. it's like walking on a cloud! So glad someone else shares in my LOVE for these shoes:)

  3. i love my Frye's too! - i wear them ALL the time - i wanna get the paige's!!!

  4. Hey lovely lady! Head over to my blog for a fun saturday surprise for you:)