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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Funky Chicken, Flasher and Lumber Jackie

Halloween weekend was a blast! We didn't do anything extravagant, but I was surrounded by some of my favorite people.

Friday night a couple of my favorite boys came into town, BUBBA and DREW! Bubba is my nickname for my little brother...although he isn't all that little anymore. He's finishing up college at Salisbury this Spring and then he may be headed off to grad school. Hooray Bubba! And Drew was staying w/ Husband and I for the weekend and this time I remembered to blow up the mattress before we started drinking.

Later Bubba came over with our friend Patty Poo. And soon after that Kathy and her roommate Anne and their friend Dan came over for card games & drinks. There's nothing like a friendly game of as$hole to get people relaxed and acquainted. Oh and later Bmore, another one of our good friends, came over to play!! It was a fun night playing cards and laughing and drinking.

We were feeling hurt and moving slow the next morning. So we woke up leisurely and Husband made espresso while I made blueberry crumb cake, an Ina recipe. Whilst drinking espresso and chugging water to rehydrate ourselves, we watched the Colbert/Stewart rally on the TV. It was amazing to see how many people showed up for the event. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the Roots & John Legend perform. The lead singer from Roots had on a beautiful camel colored coat and John Legend's navy coat was attractive too.

Later in the evening we made dinner and then it was time to get dressed up for Halloween! Drew's costume did not disappoint. It was yellow and a little outrageous. And Husband looked pretty awesome too. If you watch It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia you're familiar with the dick towel. Husband had a great idea to use that and be a flasher! For my costume I wanted something easy and required $0. I put on my boots, short shorts and a black & red flannel shirt and I became Lumber Jack(ie)! I decided to leave the axe at home, you know with all the drunk people around it could have been a horrible terrible idea.

If you ever wondered what I'd look like as a blonde...

We hung out at Kathy & Anne's place and drank and played beer pong. Kathy was dressed up as Rita from Dexter and Anne was Dexter - it was an awesome costume duo. Sadly I didn't get a picture of the two together but I'll just say both their costumes were dead on.

Sunday was a relaxing, time-to-clean-up, lets-snuggle sort of day. Throughout the day Husband and I took turns cleaning up the kitchen and picking up the apartment. And later that night I made Oreo Pumpkin Cheesecakes that I found from Pioneer Woman's Tasty Kitchen. It was a super simple recipe that is delicious! This is definitely a recipe to keep around for parties and holidays. I brought the extras into work and after 5 minutes they disappeared. =)

All in all it was a wonderful weekend. I hope everyone else had a fantastic Halloween!

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