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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Georgia wedding recap

(I'm warning you now, this is a monster of a post...)

At the end of last month, Husband and I traveled to Georgia for his cousin's wedding. We left Saturday morning dressed in wedding clothes with my one carry on bag. For my outfit I wore a LBD from Banana Republic with a light gray sweater/jacket with some fun details. I wore my black/brown giraffe print heels mainly because they are comfortable but they're cute too. Husband looked very good in navy pants, a blue & white stripped dress shirt with a red tie and a camel sports jacket.

On the plane waiting for take off

We had enough time before our flight to grab some bagels and coffee for breakfast. I LOVE bagels, just sayin. Being the anxious person I am, I was fiddling with my luggage handle and some how broke it so that it wouldn't fully go down all the way. Ugh. Husband has the magic touch though and was able to get it down before we boarded. The flight wasn't bad at all and it was only 2 hours long. As soon as we landed we headed off to the ceremony.

Britt (Husband's cousin) and her husband Chris had a lovely Catholic ceremony. And I was able to hold it together and not shed a single tear during the ceremony!! I don't know if it is an age thing or the fact that I'm married with a husband, but I am whoa emotional lately. Example, at my friend Wendy's wedding I was supposed to read a passage and could barely make it through because I was sobbing. Talk about embarrassing...

The beautiful bride and her groom making their getaway to the reception.

Anyways, the bride looked stunning. Her dress was one shouldered, which I'm a big fan of, with some gathering on the bodice. She had a blinged out belt cinching her waist that gave way to a slightly ball gown/a-line shaped bottom. My little explanation here does not do it justice. She was beautiful and very classy.

After the ceremony we headed to the Club for cocktails and the reception. It was a beautiful day in GA; clear blue skies, it was warm but not hot, there was little humidity (phew), and later in the evening the temperatures dropped which was nice. Guests enjoyed drinks while overlooking the golf course and that's when I realized, I could 100% live on a golf course. It was fun catching up and chatting with Husband's extended family. They really are a wonderful bunch of people and I am happy to have joined their family.

Husband is a social butterfly and right off the bat I knew I wouldn't see him for much of the evening. So I grabbed on to Margaret, Husband's sister, and we were reception buddies for the rest of the night. =)

You can tell by the crease in my forehead how happy I am to finally have a sister. hehe

We went inside for the reception and wow, the Club was just beautiful and the decor was beautiful. The lighting was soft. The centerpieces were tall, with flowers and these iron tea light holders.

Isn't that centerpiece candle holder lovely? Such height!

They served heavy hors de hourvers and had yummy food stations all over the reception room. My favorite was the mashed potato bar with three different types of potatoes and all the toppings you could want. Bacon? yes. Cheese? I think so. Sour cream?! You betcha. It was delish and I liked that food was available all night - good for those of us celebrating with wine & beverages.

At some point in the evening Britt's dad gave his speech and I'm pretty sure this is when my no-tears winning streak ended. It's just so sweet to see daddy's get emotional over their little girls. And what made this wedding great was that he was welcoming Chris into his family (and visa versa of course too) with open arms. It's truly a blessing when both the bride and groom's families get along.

They smooshed the cake in each other's face, it was cute. But Husband, thank you for not smooshing.

Enough of the mushy stuff. The DJ played had a great play list and I often found myself drawn to the dance floor. It was heart melting to see the little kids dancing and enjoying themselves.

Dancing with Uncle Larry!! I swear he danced with every female there.

And Husband danced with me! He may be mad that I posted this, but look at that cutie, who wouldn't be tempted to dance with that hot piece of man?

I just had an absolute blast and so did Margaret. hehe. We got to know each other better than we ever had that night. She ended up sleeping in our room/bed with Husband and I. I told you it was a great wedding.

Us on the way home...
He's going to be more mad I posted this one...but look at those sweet baby blue eyes.

The next morning was a little rough for some but we all met at the hotel the next morning for breakfast. After chatting about last nights events, Husband, Margaret and I packed up and headed to the airport for our early afternoon flights back home. We cut it a little close, but we all made it to our flights. Though I was a little sad to be leaving I was happy to get back home. I learned that I like traveling with Husband (a valuable lesson to learn about your mate). He keeps me calm and stress-free. He really is my better half and this weekend made me thankful he's my partner in life.

Congrats Britt & Chris! Thanks for a wonderfully fantastic wedding to celebrate your marriage.


  1. hahaha, we do indeed know each other better!! i am also thrilled to finally have a sister :)

  2. great pictures!!! i love love a good wedding celebration :)

  3. Finger-guns, nice! A little Jack Donaghy swagger going on in that pic.