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Monday, January 17, 2011

Christmas Day cont.

I took a deep breath and turned down the driveway, unsure of where the gravel road was and hoped for the best.

"OMG I feel like I'm going to run into their house!?"
" that's not their house, that's their neighbor's house. Their house is farther to the right."
"To the right?! Where?? In the trees over there?"

This is the exact conversation I was having as I was wrestling with the car to get up enough speed to head up the hill, through the trees, and up to Chris's house. The yellow "!" warning sign was flashing on my dashboard like a strobe light, reminding me just how un-experienced I am in snow driving.

At one point I thought we might not make it. The car was struggling and I made a rookie mistake of breaking at the bottom of the hill instead of using that momentum to propel me up the hill. Husband was telling me to ACCELERATE, ACCELERATE! I was flooring it and hoping for some speed.

But by the grace of God, we made it to the house. I put the car in park and jumped out of the car, anxious to stretch my legs and stiff body. The air was cold and crisp and so refreshing after a heart racing drive.

Chris met us outside and welcomed us to his home. We chatted outside until we were cold and then headed inside. A few minutes later Mary and the girls came home. They were at a party next door.

Samantha, the oldest girl, burst in exploding with light and energy. Her younger sister, Gracie, was a bit more reserved.

Gracie came in and ran into me, thinking I was her mommy. Granted we do look similar, what with the dark hair, small stature and asian features. But I guided her little self to her right mommy, Mary. Margaret, Husband and I just cracked up. We had a feeling that mix-up might happen.

We brought in gifts from MamaH and PapaH for the girls. They opened their gifts with such excitement. Paper was flying everywhere. Chris & Mary & the girls gave gifts to us too. We got WOOL SOCKS!!!! Now that might not be an exciting gift for a lot of people, but for a gal who is always cold I was ecstatic. We also got a sweet painting by Samantha.

When the excitement subdued, we skyped with MamaH and PapaH. Then it was bedtime for the girls and time for the adults to relax after a long day.

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