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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Christmas Day

When Christmas Day arrived, the car was about 80% packed. We were packing for 6 days in Vermont which means snowboards, snow boarding gear, wool sweaters, some gifts for the nieces and as many socks as I could stuff into our duffel. It looked like we were moving to Vermont, instead of just visiting.

After we finished packing the car, Husband and I headed to MamaH and PapaH's home to have breakfast and pick up Margaret. After a serving or two of eggs and bacon, unpacking and repacking the car, we hit the road.

A whopping 560 miles stood between us and our destination,
the home of Husband & Margaret's older brother Chris, his wife Mary and their two adorable little girls.

We drove our way up the East coast all. day. long.

Thankfully Husband burned some stand-up comedy routines onto CDs and we laughed our way north. My favorite stand-up line of the trip: "...sprinkle some fries on those CUP CAKES." Oh how I love Patton Oswalt.

When we finally got to the state of Vermont it was close to 6pm or so and pitch dark. It was an unfamiliar darkness. Living in a metropolis means there's a lot of light pollution that prevents really dark nights. But in Vermont, the darkness is encompassing. It envelopes you and you can't help but look up at all the twinkling stars.

As we were getting close to Chris's house, Margaret and Husband warned me about the driveway. "It's pretty steep, so don't freak out." They were not kidding.

The driveway is a 45 degree angle down off a main road. It was covered in snow and when it was time to turn, I was freaked out. I immediately remembered my car has not driven on snow yet. I said a little prayer that the car would handle the elements so we could make it to Chris's house...

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