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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve

Husband and I opened presents on Christmas Eve. He is such a good gift giver. He got me Washington Capitals fleece sweatshirt that's super comfy and vintage looking; I love it. It never ceases to amaze me just how well Husband knows me. He knows my photography love affair began with film and this Christmas he gifted me with the Canon EOS 3 body. He said it's what the professionals were using before everyone went digital. AND the EOS 3 is compatible with the our DLSR lenses! How awesome! Gift giving is definitely one of his love languages.

I got him a super soft, plush, navy robe since it's been so cold this winter. And I got us some house presents, like tall drinking glasses for water (so we can stop stealing each other's) and a little 2 cup liquid measuring cup. It wasn't super exciting but they were things we needed.

The rest of Christmas Eve was spent at my parent's house. It was a pretty relaxing afternoon and I'm glad I got to spend some time with my family since we were traveling out of town. We had dinner and opened presents.

Me and Bubba

AND I got to open T's lovely package of her favorite things. I was so excited! I've already used the gloves and love them. They're way cuter than my plain jane blue ones. And the bag sealer is a big hit with Husband.
Any time we have friends over for drinks, I break out the Lily coozie because it separates my drink from everyone else's and it's pink and girlie. Thanks again T!

Later that night we went to church and afterward had some friends over for drinks. We ventured out to Q-Ball, a billiards bar near our apartment where Husband proposed to me. It's kind of our tradition to have a drink there on Christmas Eve. And I totally kicked butt playing pool - woot woot!

We stumbled home, happy and pleased with the day. We had a long day ahead of us and it was time to get some rest.

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  1. sounds like such fun! that goodie bag is scrumptious-so happy you wonnn! what a sweet tradition you and your hubster have. so, so sweet:)