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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Snowy days with the girls

We spent the next few days of Christmas break snowed in and playing with the girls. We played all kinds of games. Hide and seek was fun, especially when Samantha would hide in the same spot ten times in a row. They liked coloring which I also like (it's therapeutic, try it). We read books and played with wooden letters.

They have a pretty cool room. Mary painted a tree on the walls and also made a little puppet stage for the girls. Margaret and I were customers in Samantha's beauty shop and had our hair straightened with a pink plastic flat iron. It was cute, and a little painful.

I have to say it is really cute when Samantha (older) and Gracie (younger) play together. Samantha is definitely making an effort to be the best big sister she can be and it's very sweet.

Little Gracie playing on the rocking...moose?

The girls being cute for a picture

The little ones have healthy appetites too. I was surprised to hear they love fruits and vegetables, pork, and hot sauce. During one delicious turkey dinner, Samantha decided to use a LOT of hot sauce. We warned her that she didn't need that much but I think she was showing off for her aunts & uncle...and in the end we needed a large glass of milk to extinguish the fire in her mouth. She learned "less is more" that evening.

I miss these girls already. They're precious and smart and it's so interesting to see their little personalities develop. I don't get to spend much time with people under the age of 10 yr, so it was fun to play...for a little while.

They are as cute as can be, but wow are they tiring too. I don't know where kids get their energy, but I wish I could bottle it and sell it. I'd be a millionaire. And hanging out with them for a few days definitely confirmed that I am not ready to have babies. One day! for sure! And I have no doubt Husband and I will be good parents, but not for another 4 or 5 years.