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Monday, October 17, 2011

It can't always be perfect

This past weekend Husband and I had a quick trip to Charlottesville.  We were in town to see the Trey Anastasio Band play downtown.  Some of you may not be familiar but he is the lead singer of Phish and incredibly talented.

Anyways we got to our friend's house Saturday afternoon with just enough time for the boys to play a game of chess and drink a few beers.

{my iPhone pic}

Early afternoon, 4:30pm or so, we headed downtown looking for food and drinks before our concert.  We  stumbled into this little Italian restaurant, Sal's Italian cafe/diner.  We looked at the menu, then looked at each other and immediately wondered, 'do you think we can get up and leave?'  The menu was over priced and we weren't impressed with their offerings.  But for some reason we stayed.

Husband ordered mushroom ravioli and I ordered pomodoro fresco.  The Caesar salads - not great...their homemade dressing was poor.  We hoped our entres would be better, but our hopes were trampled.  My pasta needed to be cooked 2 minutes longer, the garlic bits were still bitter, and the tomatoes were no saving grace.  The mushroom ravioli didn't look any better.  We ate quickly and left as soon as we could.  If you find yourself in Charlottesville, steer clear of this place.

Sal's left us with a bad taste in our mouths...literally.  Feeling cheated and deceived, we looked for a bar in hopes of washing away the failure we just ate.  We ended up at Commonwealth Restaurant & Skybar - an open, second floor bar over looking the main strip of the downtown mall.  Thankfully yummy beers helped.  We snagged a corner seat and ordered fries.  Strike 2 of the night.  Our "fries" were not potato as we assumed, they were yuca; a "starchy tuberous root." It wasn't terrible, but it wasn't what we wanted.

We laughed and realized every place has its ups and downs, and we were experiencing the "other" side of Charlottesville that day.

Around 6pm or so we headed to the pavilion and found seats.  We hung out waiting anxiously for the concert.  I hoped this would not be a third strike for the night...

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