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Wednesday, October 26, 2011 ended up being great

Husband and I headed to the Charlottesville Pavilion to see the Trey Anastasio Band play.  After a disappointing dinner we were looking forward to musical awesomeness.  =)  

After a drink or two, we were definitely in a better mood.  

When Trey and the band came out, the crowd roared with excitement.  As soon as they started playing, suddenly everyone was on their feet.  Husband describes them as a 'jam band' with lots of solos and improv and I think it's a great description.  The band's talent was very impressive.  Such incredible control and understanding of instruments and music.  I couldn't help but sway and dance with the music.  

I LOVED that the band had a pianist, trumpet and trombone player!  On top of being showered with fun, upbeat music there was a killer light show.  Lots of pinks, purples and greens.  Oh my!

That's Trey!  SO talented! 

Something I love about music, is how it brings people together.  It's a common thing people can talk about and relate to each other about.  As usual, I made friends while standing in line for the ladies' room.  

It turned out to be an awesome night.  During intermission we met up with Husband's cousins who were at the concert.  We danced, we laughed, and just enjoyed the evening.  

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