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Thursday, July 15, 2010

As hard as I try

As hard as I try, I’m kind of forgetful. When I want to remember something, my first instinct is write it down. Whether it’s a to-do list or notes about when to pick up my dry cleaning, I write things down as a way to help me remember. Throughout high school I wrote about my life in journals. Even as a wee little girl I had a journal. Picture a little Asian girl carrying around a pink princess diary with a lock and key; yeah, that was me. But somehow writing about the things that happened to me got lost after high school. College demanded more of my time and life after college moved faster than I anticipated and writing fell by the wayside.

So rather than looking back in 10 years and realizing I can’t remember some of the smaller, but still happy details of my life I want to start blogging. I hope you like it!

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