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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Exercise bliss - Expanded

So Husband clarified that our Monday "chest" work out was more of a push pull workout with an emphasis on the push.

This is how I understand push pull exercising. The body has opposing muscle groups that need to be worked equally or you end up unbalanced...and no one wants to be unbalanced. When you look in the mirror, the muscles you see are on the front of your body (biceps, core, quads, shins, etc) and if you were to stand against a wall, the muscles touching the wall are on the back of your body (triceps, back, booty, hamstrings, calves, etc). Ideally you want to work both the front muscles and back muscles so they balance each other out and can work together evenly. Example: the people who work their abs but have terrible posture because they aren't strengthening their back (the opposing muscle to their abs).

There are two kinds of movements, 'push' where you are moving weight away from you, aka pushing. Visa versa, the other kind of movement is 'pull' in which you are moving weight towards you in a, wait for it, pulling motion. An example of a push movement would be working your quads (where you're pushing weight away from your body), and a pull movement is working your hamstring (pulling weight towards your body).

On Monday, the two press exercises are pushing exercising because we're moving weight away from the body, and the bent over rows was a pull exercise because we were pulling weight towards the body. I guess this is a theory of exercising and it is a great way to structure your workouts to make sure you're hitting muscle groups evenly.

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