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Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I woke up in search of water because my throat felt like it was on fire. I looked down and saw my husband using my rump as his pillow and thought, wow I guess it was a good night. After getting some water, I returned to the couch and realized maybe I had a little too much fun last night…I felt dehydrated, my throat was like the Sierra Desert, and I could feel a headache coming on. My husband, Greg who I affectionately call Huggie Bear, woke up and went for my water.

Little by little pieces of the night started to come together. We came down to Richmond because Drama Drew was in town visiting one if his friends. The night started on the front porch drinking the red amber home brew that Drama & Greg made. Shortly after finishing our beers we headed to the first bar, DeLux. DeLux was a cute, swanky bar with great low lighting, rich colors, and fab art. We grabbed drinks and headed upstairs to a corner with seating.

With a little liquid courage, my shy walls came down and I started to get to know the people we were partying with. There was Bartender Mike and his new girl, Blonde Nurse. Bartender Mike seemed like a nice guy with a quiet presence so it surprised me when he said he does bartending flare. My get-to-know-you conversation was cut short because Bartender Mike ran off to find his Blonde Nurse girlfriend…who seemed more interested in chatting with her friend, Brunette Nurse than her bartender boyfriend.

Next was Traffic Reporter Amanda. Right off the bat I am a fan of this girl. She’s petite like me, blonde, and sweet. She and I immediately hit off. The first thing she said to me was ‘cute dress, I have it in red and it’s so comfy.’ I learned that she is the traffic reporter for a local radio station and is interested in writing and producing in television. I don’t know a whole lot about this girl, but I could definitely see myself being friends with her. She was able to hang with the guys, which is an important factor when hanging out with boys in the crew. She was sassy and didn’t put up with any shit the guys gave her, another important factor for hanging with my boys. But she was also fun to girl-talk to.

Throughout these conversations I kept floating back to Husband, who was looking confident and debonair. I love being in public with him…we flirt, tease each other, and sneak kisses when people aren’t paying attention.

Anyways, Delux was filling up quick with 20-something girls in miniskirts and sky high heels. The group was ready for a scene change so we paid our tabs and walked to the next bar. I can’t remember the name of the bar we went to but we spent the rest of the night in this crowded, dance-music playing bar. This is when the fun really kicked in. Drink after drink Husband and I laughed and talked with Reporter Amanda and Drama Drew.

With the music blaring I couldn’t help but shake my tail feather…which led to meeting Sorority Sarah. Sorority Sarah is casually dating one of Drama Drew’s boys. My college didn’t have Greek life but Sarah strikes me as a girl who would be in a sorority: dressed to the nines in a short, satin, black dress; bitchin’ shoes; super straight hair, and smoky eyes. She could hold her liquor and was immediately open for girl talk. I guess I made her feel comfortable because she opened up to me about her dating woes. We bonded over how silly and unreadable boys can be, shared drinks, and became bathroom buddies. By the end of the night she, Reporter Amanda and I were dancing and singing Miley Cyrus songs (I am ashamed of the last part). And now I remember why I woke up with a sore throat and throbbing head.

I came into the evening with an open mind which is important when you’re going out. Plans change, people come and people go, but if you go with the flow there’s a great chance you’ll have a great night…and that’s exactly what I had: a great night with an old friends and making new friends…where’s the Advil?

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  1. Don't forget about meeting the girl who gives dogs cancer!!!!!!!!