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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Exercise bliss

Movement is a medicine for creating change in a person's physical, emotional, and mental states. ~Carol Welch

I couldn't agree more with Ms. Welch's quote. Lately I've been feeling pretty blah but after a good workout with Husband I feel 100 times better. There's nothing like pushing weights around to blow off some steam.

Now I consider myself a small girl but I do not want to be a typical gym girl who spends the majority of her time at the cardio machines. I pride myself in being able to keep up with the boy workouts, and yesterday was no exception.
Yesterday was chest day which was a great kick-off workout...

We did bench press; I did the bar + 10lbs = 55lbs total

Then military press with a 20lb straight bar

Next was bent over rows with a 25lb plate

Lastly we used one of my FAVORITE things in the gym, the bosu ball. We turn them upside down and balance on the flat side. Using a 10lb medicine ball, you squat and on the way up throw the ball to your partner. The other person catches the ball and immediately goes down into a squat and throws the ball back to you on their way up. It's catch with a 10lb ball on an uneven surface. I get super excited when we do bosu exercises. If your gym has bosu balls - get on em! You can use them for push ups, squats, one-legged squats, you name it! They're a great work out tool.

Hooray for exercise and lifted spirits!

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