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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Charlottesville Weekend Part I

We decided we wanted to get there as soon as possible and left Friday night (instead of Saturday) for Charlottesville. We got into town just in time to find intoxicated Drama Drew at Blue Light Grill & Bar in downtown Cville. Of course we knew we were in for a night to remember when we got a text from Drew saying my new favorite shot is tequila with a Jager bomb chaser. Husband called it, as soon as we walk in the bar, everyone will know because Drew will give us a loud welcome. He wasn’t wrong. GREG********!!! PEACHES!!!! My favorite people EVER!!! It was a loving, boisterous welcome; he’s a good friend. He told us about 12 times that night how much of a good friend he is because he passed up going home with some sexy Latina so he could be with us instead.

We were significantly behind him on the drunken scale; he had been going strong since 4pm…it was about midnight. Since I was driving us home, I nursed a beer for an hour or two, while Husband caught up a little and Drew, well he continued being drunk. I have to say, drunk Drew is hilarious. Example, he was sitting at the bar with Mama L, who is a good looking older woman who happens to be the mom of one of Drew’s friends. Husband and I sat and observed him encroaching on Mama L’s personal bubble. One sentence after the next, Drew inched closer and closer to her, and Husband and I sat from behind and just laughed and laughed.

Soon after it was time to go and somehow, in his drunken stupor Drew managed to give me directions back to the house. He’s staying with his cousin, Tori and her husband, Rob in their beautiful 4 bedroom, 3 bath home. This house is so peaceful and relaxing, it’s like a hotel. Calming shades of blue and sandy beiges makes it feel like a beach house in the mountains. I would have to say my favorite part is the back porch. It’s screened in to keep the buggies out with an overhead fan, candles for a cozy atmosphere and comfy seating. They even have a fire pit! Their two adorable dogs, Berkley and Tucker play with each other in the fenced in backyard.

Anyways back to our drunken evening with Drew…the boys love to cook together, it’s cute and I benefit from the fruits of their labor. So they made eggs and bacon and I watched as the debauchery continued. As we were eating in the breakfast nook (how appropriate with our bacon and eggs…minus the fact that it was 3am), Drew lifts the table and tells us “I’m SO strong!!!” Husband responds, Peaches could lift this table with one hand, put the table down and eat your eggs. Drew proceeds to tell us about a saying his dad has about him, “when you hang out with Drew you will have a good time, but there will be collateral damage”…like a messy kitchen, or falling into one of the porch screens. Collateral Damage Drew. We love him, drunken Drewbachery and all.

I’ll leave you with some beautiful views, waiting for me the next morning.

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