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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Personal Evolution

People have a funny way of evolving and I’ve found it’s in ways I least expect. Here I am navigating through life and discovering new things about myself. For example, I have never been an outdoorsy gal but I’ve always been a girlie girl to the nth degree. I was never in brownies or girl scouts – I had zero interest in it as a girl. But I'm discovering new enjoyments like hiking and being in the mountains.

It used to be when I thought about “vacations” I thought beaches, sunshine, and water. But now when I think about vacations I think mountains, foliage, and big sky. Husband is introducing me to the beauty in nature and I have to admit I’m loving it. I never thought I would enjoy hiking or being in the mountains.

Another discovery is my growing interest in beer. I steered clear of beer in college, mainly out of fear of gaining the freshman 15. But with Husband making home brews and his dream of opening his own brewery one day, I figure it’s in my best interest to learn to love it. After a couple brewery visits, and drinking more fruity beers (like blueberry, banana, and strawberry beers) I’m starting to appreciate the beverage more for what it is…a mash of grains & sugar that with a little love and work, evolve into this beloved carbonated drink.

A major unexpected surprise is my enjoyment of shooting. No not on the billiard tables, though I can kick anyone’s booty. I’m talking about shooting firearms. I have some experience with pistols and shot guns and I’m open to trying whatever. Yeah guns are a bit scary but it’s a healthy scary because it forces you to be careful and knowledgeable about what you’re doing.

If you’ve never shot a gun before it’s an experience unlike anything else. It’s an adrenaline rush. Loading the magazine with bullets and getting the gun prepared for shooting makes me nervous, but once I’m set, I’m ready to tear up my target. It takes focus and patience, and good eye sight helps. It’s an individual sport that can also be a team sport. I’m always the most competitive against myself so I like the individual aspect of shooting. How consistent can I be? What part of the target do I aim for next? It is a liberating experience. I mean, you’ve got a lot of power in your hands and you are responsible for it. My motive behind learning how to shoot is self protection. For me (and Husband) it’s comforting knowing that if, God forbid, anything were to attack me, I am experienced enough to stop the attacker and protect myself. If your significant other or family owns guns, it’s important to understand how it works and how to shoot it. Of course this goes without saying but shooting is not for everyone and I respect that.

I guess in general I’m opening myself up to what I considered “masculine” hobbies. I’m learning to see and appreciate the link back to our history. Back in the day we used to live in the wild without Walmarts and Wegmans. We used to build houses with our own hands. We used to shoot animals because our livelihood depended on it. And through the ages we have always leaned on alcohol for social occasions and personal enjoyment.

I like learning new things about myself, who knows what other personal discoveries are waiting for me in the future.

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