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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Our 1st Anniversary

It's been a year since we said "I do." About a year ago I was worrying about seating carts and final head counts and looking forward to the rest of my life with my best friend.

Photographer Joseph Allen

Photographer Joseph Allen

For our first anniversary we didn't have big plans, just to spend the day with each other. Since we still live close to our wedding venue, we decided to drive out to Bluemont Vineyard for lunch.

The drive out there was one of the best car rides we have had in a long time. Since the beginning of our courtship, I have always loved our conversations in the car. When we were still living with our parents, the car was our escape, our time and space to talk freely without offending the parental units (because sometimes we curse like sailors).

So while we were driving to the winery we started discussing some of the lessons we’ve learned this year. Some of these are no-brainers, but lessons none the less.

  • Don’t stress! It’s bad for our health
  • We hate dirty dishes
  • Don’t put unnecessary pressure on yourself (I want to be the perfect wife, but being imperfect is better than going crazy striving for perfection.)
  • Parents will always be a challenge
  • It’s important to be open with each other
  • Be direct, ask for what you want
  • Date nights are totally needed

As we drove up the steep, winding gravel road, I remembered this same drive last year. Riding up with my best friends, the anticipation and excitement was palpable.

Photographer Joseph Allen

I felt similar feelings a year later, but when we got to the top my heart sank; the winery was dripping with people. So much for an intimate lunch.

We walked up to the Cellar and there was absolutely no where to sit and the bar was several people deep. I inched my way in and asked for a menu and the woman said, ‘there’s no menu, but we are serving chicken salad sandwiches.’ Slight heart break. We didn’t drive 45 minutes to have a chicken salad sandwich in a crowded room with nowhere to sit. We looked at each other and knew we’d be having lunch somewhere else.

Before we left, we took some pictures of the fantastic view.

Photographer ME!

We made it through a tough year. We went through a lot this year: moving a couple times, almost buying a house, merging our stuff and our lives, having 2 cars die, buying new cars together, health scares, etc. Life was testing us in this first year of marriage but we prevailed, as a stronger, wiser team. Team Procious, to the end.

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  1. Love this!! I remember your special day like it was yesterday!