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Monday, August 30, 2010

Girl time is like therapy

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There's nothing like a little girl time to help me feel more balanced. I met 2 co-workers Friday afternoon to watch Eat Love Pray. The movie was great, I loved Julie Roberts and think she portrayed Liz Gilbert pretty well (at least in comparison to the character I created in my mind). I'm glad I was with girlfriends rather than Husband to see it too. There were a lot of interesting points made in the movie and I am happy I had girlfriends as discussion partners afterward.

As we sipped wine & ate appetizers, we started discussing portions of the movie. For example, since I'm the only one who has not traveled out of the country, every time I saw delicious Italian food or lovely scenery I sighed out of my desire to travel. One friend noted that instead of feeling bitter about not having traveled, she noticed my sighs were optimistic. With that we segued into a discussion about expanding and broadening our life experiences, whether it be trying new foods or traveling or opening ourselves up.

Both of these women have seen more life than I have...and their lives have been more complicated too. They've experienced crazy ex-wives, step-children, divorce, parental loss, you name it. I'm a baby in comparison so I appreciated hearing their perspectives. I tried to soak in as much guidance and wisdom as I could.

I realize this now as I look back on the evening that this was a bit of a milestone in our friendships. This was the first time we really opened up and shared ourselves with each other. This is not an easy choice to make, to open yourself up and be vulnerable. We all made the choice, although I'm sure wine lubricated the conversation and gave us some liquid courage, but we each still made that choice to open ourselves up. We know some details about each others lives like they know about my adoration of Charlottesville, I know about their latest vacations and such. But on Friday we delved deeper into the things that we struggle with.

I shared a piece of myself I reserve for only very close friends. I struggle with my relationship with my parents, just like everyone else. But I felt like I could be vulnerable and honest with them and in return I got good advice on how to work through some of my issues. I think this is the heart of friendship. Being open with each other and helping each other grow and move forward.

These ladies have crossed over from co-workers to friends. And as I headed home I noticed how rejuvenated and positive I felt. Like my girl time tank was on empty and now I was filled to the top with happy memories. Girl time is like therapy, but with more wine and laughter.

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