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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Funday Sunday Part III

We were up early on Sunday…like 8am. We leisurely cleaned up the disheveled house, a consequence of Collateral Damage Drew. At 11am we headed out to Beer Run for brunch. Beer Run is a really cool restaurant and beer distributor. There’s outdoor seating and the menu is made with local and organic ingredients. Beer Run also sells a large variety of beers and delivers beer to your house. I couldn’t believe such a place could exist…It’s just another reason I love Charlottesville.

As I was looking over the menu I was contemplating getting a drink of alcoholic nature. Peer-Pressure Procious said I should get one and Collateral Damage Drew reasoned it was FUNDAY SUNDAY so I have to order a drink. So to start our meal, Drew and I got mimosas and Husband ordered the Devils Backbone Gargamel beer. For my meal I ordered Clint Eastwoods “Hang’em High” Huevos which had local eggs, red bell peppers, and pepper jack cheese with tomatillo salsa. It was delicious with a great, clean flavor, not processed flavor like eggs from Denny’s. The boys ordered eggs with crab meat and all sorts of other goodness including pesto grits. The combination of pesto and grits was unexpected but very tasty. After another round of mimosas and beer, Husband and I decided to stay in town for the rest of the afternoon.

I really wanted to stop by Splendora’s to see if they had pink peppercorn gelato – don’t judge it’s very good and I highly recommend it. It’s not overly sweet and the cold gelato is complimented with a hint of peppery spice. Unfortunately they were out so I got Tres Leches instead, not like this was a step down or anything. It was a taste of heaven topped with sweetened condensed milk.
While we were walking around downtown I spotted a rainbow of pashminas being sold by one of the street vendors. The colors and soft texture of the scarves pulled me in, and the price was right at $10. Shut the front door and find me an ATM. I ended up falling in love with these sliver lace-like earrings as well because they’re pretty and light too. I’m planning on purchasing a gold pair the next time I’m in town.
The next stop was the Starr Hill brewery. This brewery was the actual brew/bottle/sell facility and didn’t have a restaurant feel like Devil’s Backbone. It was definitely their warehouse but they had a small bar stand set up where you could test their beers. I’m a fan of their “Love” beer which is a hefeweizen with hints of banana, clove, and lemon; it’s light and fruity but the banana flavor is subtle too. We took a tour of their facility and got to see their process of brewing and bottling beer. It was interesting to see how they do things because Husband & Drew home brew. Since we were in Charlottesville living up this glutinous, indulgent weekend, Husband and I decided to get souvenirs. I got a pink t-shirt and Husband got a belt buckle.

It was starting to get late and we still had a two hour drive ahead of us, so we headed back to Nova. When we got home, I could feel that I was tensed from sitting in traffic, annoyed that our house was a wreck, hungry, and in general coming down from my Charlottesville high. Husband must have been feeling it too because he looked at me and said ‘Nova makes me crazy but Charlottesville makes me see you clearer. I can see you without so many distractions.’ It gives me peace and hope knowing that we have found a place we truly love. It gives us direction and motivation for our future. I love my future with him.

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