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Monday, August 9, 2010

Happy Charlottesville Weekend Part II

I was looking forward to the morning because the boys promised to take me on a hike. Drew’s cousins have a nature trail in their neighborhood and I was excited because I’ve never been hiking before. The nature trail was a good introduction to hiking. There wasn’t much of an elevation incline but it wasn’t flat either. It was easy to follow the trail because there were blazes (painted markers) on the trees…and because Husband was blazing away in front.

I realized I liked being alone in the woods, which was a little surprising. It was peaceful and I could hear myself think. There was nothing but the sound of our breathing and the birds singing. A nice change from Nova when the only things I hear are cicadas and cars. We only hiked for 30 min or so because we wanted to head out to a brewery for lunch…but honestly I could have happily hiked all morning.
As I was backing out of the driveway I heard a *crunch.* That’s right, I tapped the parked Prius sitting directly across from the driveway. Luckily there was no damage to the Prius and my poor Acura TL only has a little scratch on the back bumper. Oh and apparently this wasn’t the first time this has happened. Drew’s cousin Tori has backed into their neighbor’s car before too; the neighbors haven’t realized that parking across from a driveway is a terrible idea.
The weird thing is I had a feeling something like this might happen during the weekend. I don’t really know why but during the drive to Charlottesville on Friday I had a bad feeling about driving. Unfortunately I was right, but thankfully it was minor. Does anyone else get premonitions about things?
We drove to Devils Backbone Brewery for lunch and we were kind of in the middle of nowhere, but it was beautiful. The brewery/restaurant was big and rustic. The entire building is made of local or recycled materials, which I thought was really cool. Inside there was a lot of natural sunlight and dark wood furnishings. And lunch was fantastic. I had a chicken pita and Husband had the wild game sausage platter. Both were yummy! For Husband and me the saying “when in Rome” applies to Charlottesville…so we got t-shirts and a “Get Boned” bumper sticker for the Jeep. Oh and the beers were great! I think I got the Summer Haze and it was a light and fruity. It reminded me of hefeweizens which I like. And we got a sampler of all their beers; 10 tasters. I highly suggest visiting Devils Backbone if you’re in the Charlottesville area.
On the way back to town, we stopped by a road side stand to look at their honey and jellies. I have never seen so many honeys before in my life (and I’m a frequent visitor of Wegmans – the food store of awesomeness). We picked up some honey for us and apple butter for Greg’s stepdad.
The boys enjoyed drooling over the stand owner’s ’62-ish Corvette.
The rest of the night was fairly uneventful. We were tired and a bit worn out from the night before and our morning hike. We wanted surf & turf, so we stopped by Foods of All Nations for some scallops and beef to go with our red corn and zucchini. I love no pressure, Happy Charlottesville weekends!

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