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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Signature scents

"Oh my gosh, your husband smells so good...he smells like a man is supposed to smell," my good friend gushed. I agreed and quietly thanked God for fixing me up with a good smelling man.

My husband has impeccable taste in cologne. He tends to like earthy, sensual, woodsy scents which mixes well with his pheromones. I associate 3 colognes with Husband:
1. Abercrombie Woods - worn in high school when we first started dating. Even on a teenager's budget, he found a smell that matched him perfectly. And it's one that made me weak in the knees...perhaps when Husband realized the power of good cologne. Sadly the cologne was discontinued in 2005.
2. Calvin Klein Obsession - worn pre-engagement and now. To me this is a heavier/heartier smell and seems perfect for fall and winter...It's warm, woodsy, and manly.
3. Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male - this is a recent addition that's manly with a touch of vanilla but a little lighter than Obsession. I (and my girlfriends) adore this one.

Smell usually invokes pretty strong memories for people.
For example, when I hug Husband and breathe him in, his smell envelopes me and all of my fond memories are exaggerated with his warm, unique scent. A cologne/perfume that works with your pheromones is so much better than just the scent alone. It's the pheromones that make the scent intoxicating.

And this is what I have been pontificating: do you stick with one signature scent, like Husband? Or do you change it up and keep people guessing?

Personally I'm a switch-it-up kinda gal, in which spritzing is dependent upon on my mood, my day's activities, and the weather.
But lately I've been trying to use up the last of my Gucci perfume and wondering if I should pick a scent and make it my signature. What's your scent style?

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