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Thursday, September 9, 2010

We will get through it.

After an encouraging post, Life reminded me that I'm still in a batting cage with curve balls hurling right at me. Each time I duck & dodge, I narrowly miss getting smashed in the face.

I keep thinking that maybe, just maybe we'll get thrown a bone and things will ease up a little. That maybe the utility bills won't be quite so high this month. That maybe we'll have enough money left over so we can finally start saving for a trip to Paris, or VT, or CA. I keep holding out thinking that one of these days we won't get surprise bills from the City of Fairfax. And I wonder if everyone else is struggling like this too but they know how to hide it better.

I constantly remind myself that life doesn't cut you slack and I should get used to this already. My small hope that 'life won't always be this hard' is slowly fading. And all I can do is keep on charging through like the little engine that could. We will get through it. We will get through it. We will get through it.

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