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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

You get one freebie

Husband walked down our hallway to the living room and presented his proclamation.

"I have a thought: God gives you one freebie and for everything else you have to work hard. For some people their freebie is a good job or a good salary, for others it's beauty. I think for us, it's love. When it came to us God said, your life will not be easy and you will have to work hard, but I will give you each other early on. We will be that elderly couple celebrating their 70th anniversary."

I believe this to be true.
I believe that we will always have each other...that our life will be hard and trying, but that God blessed us with humor and wit to make light of otherwise miserable circumstances. I believe I was created to be Husband's wife, and that Husband was created to be, well my husband.

Why else would we fit together so perfectly?

My tiny little nose fits next to Husband's like kissing puzzle pieces. My sense of smell is almost non-existent, which serendipitously works because sometimes Husband has stanky feet. Our senses of humor compliment each other rather than competing with each other. It's in the little things that make me believe we are each other's soul mate & team mate.

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