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Friday, September 17, 2010


I recognize that red car...and those could be her stickers. I sped up and realized it was her!

I rolled down the window and yelled, "Hey hot stuff!"

With a surprised and happy face, one of my favorite girlfriends yelled back "BEST MORNING EVERR!!!"

We work less than 10 miles away from each other and this was the first time we have ever run into each other (thankfully not literally since we were in our cars). I've known Kathy since middle school. We carpooled together in high school and spent many a morning cursing at traffic as we sipped our blue slurpies. We were in marching band together for four years (nerd alert) which means we got to know each other very well. I can't count the numerous afternoons, late evenings, and weekends we marched the football field getting ready for Friday night football and competitions. We lost touch during college but reconnected after graduation as real life, working-adults.

I am so very happy we rediscovered each other.

Anyway, back to my morning...I couldn't agree more with her "best morning ever" statement. It's a lovely Friday, the weather is nice, my work desk is clean and organized (OCD much?), and I'm excited about my weekend plans.

Drama Drew is staying with us this weekend and I'm making his favorite cookies after work, chocolate chip with walnuts. Tonight we're going to a farewell party and tomorrow we're going out for drinks.

I understand that most 20-somethings party all the time, but what I'm most excited about is WHO I'll be hanging out with.

Of course Husband will be there; I can't ever get enough of him.
Drama will be hanging out with us, hopefully any collateral damage will be minimal.
Kathy is getting drinks with us tomorrow. AND she's baking cookies with me this afternoon.
Patty Poo is partying with us this weekend too!

Quick run down on Patty Poo: We might as well be brother & sister because we've known each other since I can remember. He grew up across the street and is best friends with my little brother, Bubba. As a little kid, I was always surrounded by boys because I was the only girl in the neighborhood. Patty Poo wasn't exactly my favorite kid on the block. I'll save the embarrassing stories for another time. But my feelings changed as we grew up. Patty Poo and I started building our friendship when he was in late high school and now that he's graduated from college I absolutely heart him. He's witty, funny, and an all around great guy with a good heart.

I'll be spending the weekend with my favorite people. Any one else excited about their weekend?

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