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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas

I'm in the holiday spirit with the cold air, lit Christmas trees, and wrapped presents. The house is warm and smells of bacon and grits. And two days ago I was packed for my Christmas road trip...We're leaving on Saturday, I'm a little excited.

I will be embarking on my longest road trip: 12 hrs to Vermont. Husband and Margaret and I are driving up to see their brother and his family. It'll be my first time visiting Vermont and I'm looking forward to it. Yes it will be very cold, like 12 degrees and I'm bringing my wool sweaters. But that just means I'll be drinking lots of tea and hot chocolate.

We'll be in VT for about 6 days before returning to ring in the new year back at home. I'm not sure if I'm bringing my computer or not so I may not be posting. So I'm leaving you with some pretty pictures.

I love this

Oh Martha I love your ideas.

If Husband were more open to pink, I would have a tree like this.

I love the pink.

One of my bff's just got Pottery Barn stockings - so cute and classic.


Have a very Merry Christmas!

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  1. merry christmas peaches!! i love, love this post! have a great time away and know that your blogging family, (especially me!) just loves you to pieces! hope this day was special!