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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Why I get attached

I have accumulated a lot of jewelry over the years. Some from thrift stores and outdoor vendors. Some from the jewelry line I tried selling. Some made by my mama and some gifted to me from family and friends.

Husband is trying to get me to cut down on my jewelry consumption, and his reasons are justified.
Plain and simple, I have way too much jewelry. But I have a hard time letting go because of the memories that are attached. For most of my jewelry I can remember who gave it to me and the occasion.

For example today I am wearing:
Gemstone studs - given to me by Husband when we started dating in college. He wanted them to match the gemstone necklace he gave me in high school.
White gold & pearl necklace - given to me by my dad for high school graduation.
Watch - given to me by Drama Drew during Christmas time probably ~4 years ago because it was left in his gym's lost and found.
Silver bracelet cuff - it was my grandma's.

They all have meaning to me. I feel love and strength from these material things because
they remind me that I'm surrounded by love from my friends and family. I look at these things and see my gifter, and it makes me feel closer to them. I think about the strengths of the people who have given me jewelry and remember them during tough moments. If my jewelry belonged to a previous owner, I think about them wearing the same piece and how much life it has seen.

I guess if I give away some of my less worn jewelry, I would be spreading the love. I could share my happiness with someone who will enjoy the jewelry too. It is reassuring to know someone will give it a happy home and create new memories with it.

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  1. I have to say, keep it all. You can never have too much jewelry! I love it too, inexpensive or expensive, it makes you happy and definitely spruces up an outfit. I'm wearing a blue topaz pendant on a white gold chain I got on my 21st birthday in Italy. It makes me smile when I think about wandering Florence and finding it.