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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A weekend away

It had been too long. A year and three months, to be exact. I was North Carolina bound to see two of my high school friends, MK and MC. The drive was a little eventful with an accident on 95 halting my drive for a good 45 minutes. And then a few hours later when I stopped for gas, I couldn't find my debit card! EEEK!!! I called MK slightly hysterical and realized that the only place I could have lost it was when I went to ATM the night before. Husband was the next call, "honey could you search my coat and pant pockets for my card, please and thank you." When he couldn't find it I called the bank and reported it lost, so a new one is on the way, thank goodness!

When I finally got to NC, I met the girls at McD's so we could drive to dinner together. We went to Sweet & Savory a cute but packed little restaurant/bakery. At dinner I met MK's significant other, Frank and their friends Chris and Teresa. Such sweet people. We sat around a long table and chatted and got to know each other. Teresa is a sweetheart and I can understand why MK and MC have her as a friend. She's smart and sweet and funny too! And while I was sitting next to her I tried my hardest not to stare at her sparkler...omg from what I could tell it was a 3 diamond ring with diamonds in the band. It almost blinded me a couple times. Seriously. We stuffed our faces with chicken sandwiches and home made chips. YUM.

After dinner, Chris and MK started smack talking about their 50 chicken nugget challenge. They will go head to head and eat 50 chicken nuggets AND large fries in 60 min or less. The loser has to jump in the January. I have no doubt MK will kick butt. Good luck Chris, she's a determined chick.

We picked up some wine and headed home to for a low key evening catching up on Glee and Oprah's favorite things. We woke up early the next morning so we could meet Mr. K and Mrs. K at the bagel bakery about 20 min away. In high school, I was at their house often so it was really good to catch up with these folks. Mr. K has cancer but from looking at him, I never would have known. He came in bursting with energy and smiles and gave me a big hug. He's a talker but I don't mind listening. Mrs. K is doing well with her job and is saving a facility that was going down the drain. Way to go Mrs. K!

The girls asked if I had a hangover from my wine the night before (I happened to pass out on the couch and then crawled into MK's bed around 5am). I had felt a little iffy during b-fast but after a warm bagel and lots of water I was good to go.
After breakfast we headed to the outdoor shopping center for some good old fashioned window shopping. We were up so early most of the stores weren't open yet. It was nice to walk around and gab about the store offerings, since these days I normally do most of my shopping solo. I hit the jackpot later in the afternoon, but I will share my new items later; it deserves a post all to itself.

Anyway...MK and I headed back home and were greeted by a sad little niece, Allie. MK being the great aunt that she is, called Gma aka Mrs. K and asked her to come cheer up our sad little girl. Little Allie perked up so fast it made my head spin. And then after MK told her Frank would be stopping by, Allie FREAKED OUT. All frowns were turned upside down, her eyes bugged out, put on the widest smile you've seen on a 4 year old and screams of "FRANK AND GMA ARE COMING!!! FRANK AND GMA ARE COMING!!!!!!" You would have thought the Queen of England was coming with the President. Holy goodness.

Dinner time was rolling around so MK, Frank and I headed to the grocery store to pick up fixings for taco salad, YES! I love me some taco salad. We got home and got everything prepared but when we sat down MK said she couldn't eat. Since about 3pm that day her throat had been slowly closing up, like an allergic reaction or something. She freaked me out when tears started falling and she said, we may have to go to the ER. We're talking about one of the strongest women I know. This girl can handle and juggle a lot, so seeing her worried was hard.
MC is a nurse and she recommended taking some medicine and having Frank there definitely helped calm her down. She was fine, it ended up being a cold/flu that came on fast. So the rest of the evening was quiet as we watched movies and just enjoyed each other's company.

I helped get Allie ready for bed since Aunt MK wasn't feeling well. Brushing little teeth, changing into pjs, reading bed time stories. She was a good girl. Unfortunately I was leaving really early the next day, like 6am, so I wasn't able to say bye to little Allie. MK told me later that Allie was sad that I left and asked, "where'd the pretty girl go?" Aw! That melted my heart.

It was a low-key weekend but exactly what I needed. I just wanted to spend some time with some of my favorite girls. I miss them bunches, but I'm really happy that they're doing well. I am not going to let a little distance get in the way of friendship that heals the soul.

(Sorry this is a massive post.)