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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Life update

I think it's time for a little life update...

Professional life: (I need just a moment to vent.) Last week I was handed an additional task on top of my 8 hour work load. This new task is an full job in itself...yet somehow my boss wants me to cram it all into an 8 now 9 hour period. No I am not getting any sort of compensation...

I went in to talk with him this afternoon because I'm feeling overwhelmed and I'm seriously concerned that I am triple-booked. And he basically said, "you'll figure out a way to handle it once you get used to the ebb & flow of your new work load. And you can always give some of the work to your co-workers." Okay fine, but as far as I know, they are already full up with things to do. I feel like his response just shows how out of touch he is with us minions.

So I'm frustrated. I'm angry. I'm annoyed. But mostly, I feel taken advantage of. I know it will all work out and I'm probably being a big baby. But right now I just want to be mad.

Personal life: My dad's cousin died last week, so I'll be attending a funeral this week. It's pretty sad because cousin Bill was still young (in my eyes) and so full of life. It's hard to imagine his family without him. So if you remember, please send some prayers to my cousins in MD.

As I mentioned, this past weekend I was dog sitting and it went really well. I've been hesitant about getting a dog because I didn't want the additional responsibility. But after hanging out with Jax for a weekend, I realized that it isn't so bad...and it was actually quite enjoyable. And Jax-sitting gave me more faith and confidence in myself as a dog owner. Hooray for that!

This weekend I also got together with my college roommate, KDog. I heart her. I love getting together with her because we get along really well. She's one of those friends where conversation flows easily, we laugh and it's nourishing for the soul. She took me into Georgetown to walk around. I visited Zara for the first time and I like it! The quality of some of the clothes isn't the greatest, but there are so many cute things. And their sale section was pretty good.

After Zara, we walked down to Anthropologie and Kdog said, "It's like being in someone's really cool house; it's huge!" She was right on the money. Anthro in G-town is BIG. We headed downstairs and I almost bit the dust and tumbled down the stairs. Luckily I grabbed the hand rail and Kdog grabbed me and together, we stopped gravity from taking me down. Even though I was embarrassed, I was pleased when I looked up and realized no one really noticed.

So that's the latest with me. I'm sorry I haven't been posting and haven't been commenting the lately...the hours in the day seem to be filling up faster than I can count. I hope everyone is doing well and I miss you.


  1. Yay Georgetown. Female friendships are like chicken soup for the soul. Sometimes we just really need those relationships to vent and to feel like what we are doing is normal. <3 you!

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  3. hey sweet girl. hang in there, friend:) i'm swamped too with work and school. if you have the place and time for it, i really, really recommend a dog friend. they keep you sane, i swear it. they are the ultimate stress and sadness relievers and want nothing in return:) i'm glad you got to vent and spent some time with your friend. praying for strength for you and your family this week-i'm so sorry for your loss.