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Thursday, February 3, 2011

This one's for the ladies...

Dear PMS,

If you would leave my hormones at a reasonable level, then perhaps I wouldn't feel like a crazy person. Please take your cramps, fatigue, and cravings for chocolate and all things sweet/food related back to where you came from. No one likes to feel fat and bloated, it hinders any sort of healthy motivation to work out. Plus you're making my thoughts run rampant and I do not appreciate it.

I know I have to put up with you because *sigh* I am a woman, and that is fine...but can we at least find some terms that we agree upon?

Thanks and I hate you sometimes,

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  1. :p this is great. thanks for your comments yesterday... when I hear other people have complaints with their jobs, my instinct is to say "hey, at least we've GOT jobs right now!" and I know that's true, but that doesn't make each mundane day feel much better...

    Cheers to changes in 2011! You never know what might happen :)