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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Changes, part II

After 8 or 9 hrs in front of the computer at work, when I get home in the evening I'm more interested in being w/ Husband (than being on the computer). But if I wanted some changes in my life, I needed to put in some serious effort. So I threw myself into job searching. I headed to my parents' house for some resume re-working and applying to some new jobs. I immersed myself in job websites, tweaking my resume, and uploading it everywhere I could.

Little by little, I started to see progress. I got some phone calls, and some emails! People were ME! For so long I felt hopeless and stuck, but with each interested recruiter my confidence and hope began to grow.


The research I did senior year of college told me I needed to be healthy with all this stress and worry. It's so so so easy for me to turn to food when I'm stressed out. But this time I would go the other way. I exercised. I ran around the block a few times. I grabbed a banana instead of two bags of kettle corn. I felt better after some cardio. It gave me some time to myself. Some time to be honest and real. Some time to run out my anger and frustration. It was a much healthier way to deal with things and I could tell my body and mind appreciated it.

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  1. you go girl! i'm so proud:) your outlook and positive thinking are so inspirational and i'm happy to call you a friend!