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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Changes, part III

I had a couple opportunities I was seriously considering. Each with their pros and cons and being an indecisive person, this was tough.

Current Job
-Location: Falls Church, about 30-60+ min away depending on traffic
-Type of work: budget (which I am not at all trained in), secretariat to a large working group, "operations support" aka secretary for a division chief & his division
-Salary: waaaaay under paid (in my opinion) in, I could go to the Employment Equal Opportunity Commission and let them know I'm getting paid less than half what other people with my title get paid
-Company: lets just say it is time to leave...I'm not advancing and I feel like I'm being taken advantage of

Option A
-Verbally expressed on more than one occasion their excitement and high expectations for me in their company
-Location: on base (which, from what I am hearing is becoming a pain in the neck to get on and off in the morning & evenings) & Tysons. So my commute would be comprable to what I'm doing right now, which ranges from 30-60+min depending on traffic
-Type of work: similar to what I'm currently doing...some budget, general assistance to the customer, sounded like I'd be working some long hours and possible weekends
-Salary: I would be hired by the recruiter for 6 months where I would be hourly, and then I would convert to the Company - not ideal, but money would be very good that it was a bit intimidating and made me feel pressured (and I hadn't even started!) and in over my head
-Company: Small, like 30 people. But that meant I could be a big part of the vision and help decide how the company grew

Option B
-Location: 10-15 min away to both the Company's headquarters and to the customer site - this could be totally awesome and would mean no more stress of interstate 395/495 driving, no more getting up at o'dark-thirty, and I would be on the same schedule as Husband!
-Type of work: totally different from what I'm currently doing. Learning a completely new skill set - conceptualizing and developing electronic tool interfaces for a new customer (could open up a whole new world of doors for me in the future). Telework is available too!
-Salary: More than what I currently make but less than Option A, but still a great salary that would really help me pay off some bills and start saving some serious dinero
-Company: big, like 400 people. They promote from within before advertising and looking for outside people. Good benefits. Sounds like a fair and decent company with owners that care about their employees.


I slept on it and talked it over with Husband. I finally decided that Option B was the best fit for me, for where I currently am in life and for what I'm looking for in a new job. I think it would be a smart career move. I felt such relief and excitement about this new opportunity. It was time for a life change, and I think this is it.

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