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Monday, March 21, 2011


Lately I've been needing more God in my life. Life has a way of sweeping me off my feet, getting me carried away with to-do lists, what's for dinner, and all sorts of other things. I have been busy trying to answer some difficult questions in my life, like what do I really want, what kind of career should I pursue, where do I want to go, am I the person I want to be? Trying to answer all of these questions has been really tough on my own, aka: I've made little progress.

The last few Sundays I've felt very compelled to attend church. And I'm glad that I went because during those services, I felt like the sermon was directed right at me. I had a feeling God was trying to talk to me, guide me, help me and listening to that little voice telling me, "just get up, you can take a nap later" really helped. I have also started reading Our Daily Bread online. When I was younger, my dad always urged me to read daily devotionals but I wasn't ready...until now.

For the last few weeks, ODB has been right on with what I've needed. Reading stories and scripture about the things I'm dealing with, made my decisions and behaviors much clearer and easier for me. One that really spoke to me was Psalm 37. (Does anyone have any favorite devotional sites?)

It can be tough listening to that inner voice. It is so easily covered up by the daily noise of life things. But it is amazing that if we stop and really listen, we can actually find/hear/see/feel God (or whoever/whatever it is you believe in).

I hope everyone is having a happy start to the week!

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