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Sunday, March 13, 2011


A little while back I got a Stylish Blogger Award from the wonderful Dating is My Hobby. My heart is so happy to get a little award!

Here's the deal:
1. Link to the blogger who gave the award
2. Share 7 facts about yourself
3. Pass the award onto 15 lovely ladies

On to some (I hope) interesting facts about myself.

1. Husband and I met in middle school (8th grade) art class. I was sitting at a 4 person table with a tubby brunette boy who was obsessed with hard metal music, a tiny blonde girl with more energy than the sun, and a cute Blue-Eyed Boy with a shaved head. I sat across from the Blue-Eyed Boy not realizing the impact he would make on my life.

As the class progressed so did our friendship. He gave me the random nickname, "Billi" because I didn't look like a Fill-in-my-real-name. Whenever I was at my locker, the Blue-Eyed Boy would tug my pony tail and wait for me to look around. I would turn around and when my eyes met his, he would smile coyly and keep walking. We got to know each other in art class, and when we were more comfortable around each other, he would hug me from behind when I put my art bin away. Those from-behind-hugs were one of my favorite things when I was 15 years old (they still are).

I can't resist telling you...he drew my portrait. It was one of our art assignments and he picked me as his subject. He put so much time and energy into that drawing; it's burned into my brain. And it is one of the sweetest, most romantic things anyone has ever done for me.

The Blue-Eyed Boy was winning me over. Our story continues after middle school...but that will be another post for another day.

2. Husband gave me the nickname Peaches. When he was a little boy, his mom would call him a "peach" when he was being sweet. One of our favorite songs is Joker by Steve Miller Band (we danced to it at our wedding). There's a part after the chorus that influenced the creation of my nickname:

"...You're the cutest thing That I ever did see I really love your peaches Wanna shake your tree..."

Together with Husband's childhood affinity toward "peach" and our favorite song, he dubbed me "Peaches" and it's one of my favorite nicknames.

3. I'm a coffee and tea drinker and every morning I have one of the two. I like a warm beverage in the morning, it makes the beginning of the day a little bit easier to handle. One of my favorite things is a sprinkling of cinnamon in my coffee or tea (if the bag is right). The cinnamon dusts the inside of my mug and swirls around with the coffee and creamer. It gives the coffee a little extra pizazz and it's tasty. I suggest giving it a whirl sometime.

4. I have a Family dimple. On my dad's side, all of the female, blood relatives have one dimple in their right cheek. So when female relatives are in one place, you can look around the room at all the smiles and notice we all have the same dimple on the same side. Just recently with my cousin's death, I met all kinds of cousins I didn't know I had. I learned that even my extended female relatives have the Family dimple. It makes me feel special.

5. I consider myself a morning person. (I like the morning time but make no mistake, I do not enjoy getting up before the crack of dawn for work.) There is something about the newness of the morning. It is a fresh start and the beginning of a brand new day. What I really love is that not everyone is awake, which makes it a peaceful time of the day. And I am quite productive in the morning, whether I am at work or at home. I love sleeping in as much as the next person, but waking up at noon makes me feel like I've wasted a precious part of the day. Waking up at 10:30am on the weekends is the perfect time in my mind. I can sleep in but still have some of my beloved morning.{via}

6. I love grocery shopping. It's a fun place...with all the produce, freshly baked breads, delicious cheese variety, spices, bacon. I like making lists so grocery shopping is right up my aisle (haha pun!). And grocery shopping with Husband is fun because we flirt with each other...pinching bottoms when no one is looking, sneaking smooches, etc. Eventually we get separated from each other (mainly because I get distracted by the Threads for Thought shirts at Whole Foods); it happens every time we go to the store.

7. I played rugby in college. For one semester. A friend wanted to try it so I did it with her. As a small-statured person, I was placed in the scrum-half position. I was the position that took the ball from the defense and gave it to the offense to proceed forward. The team of girls was great, although a little rough around the edges. By the end of the semester I was in great shape...but I was also a little bruised up. At the end of the semester I decided it wasn't for me, but rugby will always have a spot in my heart.

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Thank you Dating is My Hobby!

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  1. What an absolutely adorable story about you and Husband! You MUST tell us the rest of the story some day :)