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Friday, October 22, 2010

My favorite cook is coming to town!

A friend just told me INA GARTEN, the Barefoot Contessa will be at Pentagon Row next Wednesday for a book signing!!! She is hands down my favorite cook. Whenever I don't feel like messing around and searching for a recipe, she is my go-to-girl. Her recipes are always delicious and easy enough for me to follow. She's got great ideas for easy decorating and entertaining. I mean have you seen this woman's kitchen? It's to die for.

Some favorite recipes: Her blueberry crumb cake is phenomenal. The sour cream makes the cake moist and gives it a little tang too. She does desserts well; the chocolate white chocolate chunk cookies are always a hit at social gatherings. Ina's wheatberry salad is healthy and tasty. I like to have it for breakfast but it's a good side dish in general.

She's not only a seasoned veteran when it comes to cooking & entertaining, she has an elegant sense of decorating too. The picture above is from this House Beautiful interview where she talks about the 'barn' that she had built on her East Hampton property.
I really like her decorating's natural and beautiful, not fussy, it looks functional and comfortable too. And it isn't too feminine, which I'm sure my husband is happy to hear.

Beautiful and natural.

Who wouldn't sleep well in a big fluffy bed in a clean, calm bedroom.

In 2009, House Beautiful rebuilt her beautiful kitchen of the year in NY. As you click through the pictures she gives kitchen tips! Keep it simple and get back to basics. She's a big proponent of starting with good quality ingredients. And she's all about function! I love it!

In a different House Beautiful article, Ina lists what every kitchen needs. I am happy to report that we have everything on her list (in some form or another)...I can thank Husband for that. (I love him and his culinary expertise.)

...Ina...if you're out there, I will happily be your b*tch if I can come over for dinner. I'll even do the dishes!!!

Back to reality...the book signing is on a Wednesday during lunch time, 12-2pm...I will be just a couple exits away...and I would 100% regret not going and meeting her. Omg I hope I remember to contain my urge to squeal, that could be embarrassing.

Book signing details:
Wednesday 27 October - 12:00-2:00pm
Sur La Table
Pentagon Row
1101 South Joyce St
Arlington, VA 22202

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