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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Straightening up

There were a few things that were bothering me...things weren't lining up, more than once I muttered "why can't you stay in the lines?!", there were inconsistencies, sizing issues. I put an end to it all and straightened it up, the blog that is.

I found a new pink background from but my content was outside of the background lines. It was driving me BONKERS. And the fonts were inconsistent which is another thing that gets under my skin. After a little snooping around in Blogger I was able to figure out how to adjust my layout to fit within the boarders of my ShabbyBlog background. I made sure my fonts were the same and even added a dash of color here and there.

I'm not a technically savvy person despite working at an IT company (oh the irony). So this is a small victory for me!! Take that Blogger.

Peaches - 1, Blogger - 0

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