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Friday, October 29, 2010

Rain on my parade

Wednesday was the big day. I was going to finally meet Ina! I picked up her latest How Easy Is That? cookbook, printed out directions, and I was pumped to meet one of my favorite TV personalities. Around 11:30am, a co-worker and I headed to Sur La Table for the book signing. This was error #1. When we finally got in line after searching high and low for a parking spot, the reality of this book signing came to light.

1.) The line was AROUND THE BLOCK. Why oh why hadn't I come earlier?
2.) The sky turned dark gray and it started raining buckets while we were in line. And if you live in NoVA, you would know we were under a tornado watch too.
3.) Unlike the old retired women and young chicks with babies attached to their hips, I had to eventually get back to work.

I debated whether to stick it out in the rain or head back to work like a good little lemming employee. Unfortunately Practical Peaches won and I went back to work cold & wet with crazy, frizzy hair and an unsigned cookbook.

It just wasn't meant to be. It sucks and I am disappointed but one day I will meet her. On the bright side, she does offer pre-signed cookbooks on her website. Maybe I should have ordered one of those to begin with...

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